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Kiwi Anime [userpic]
Going Insane
by Kiwi Anime (kiwianime23)
at May 6th, 2006 (09:46 pm)

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Title: Going Insane
Author: Kiwi (kiwianime23)
Characters: Mark/Maureen
Word Count: 2,936 (That’s a LOT more than 2k!!! -see notes-)
Rating: Oh boy...NC-17!!!!!
Genre: ...It’s smut. With a bit of what I look at as comedy splashed in.
Summary: pre-RENT. When Mark thinks he’s over the woman of his life, she demonstrates for him how wrong he is.
Notes: OK, all my friends will be wondering why the HELL I’m writing smut. I never write smut. Well, I’m dictating a conversation between me and one of my friends. (They will remain nameless.) Me: God, this fic I’m reading is so SMUTTY! I mean, covered in smut. Her: You with your virgin mind. Me: My mind is not virginal! Her: Yeah. Virgin mind. Me: Is not. Her: You couldn’t write one word of smut. Me: Yes I can. ‘Lust.’ THERE! Her: Very funny. Try writing a whole fic. Me: How long? Her: At least 2k words. Me: YOU’RE ON! ...So that’s why I’m writing smut.
Special Thanks: My friend (nameless still) for challenging me, I guess. Oh, and Robert Palmer, for writing ‘Simply Irresistible’ and ‘Some Like It Hot’ for the inspiration. XD
Spoilers: None. It’s pre-RENT.
Warnings: Yeah. Pretty heavy smut. Bit of language.
Disclaimer: Larson Estate owns all of RENT.


( Her eyes were glittering mischievously, perfectly matching the smirk on her lips. “Say you need me, Mark.” )