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Mark Cohen [userpic]
A Little fic I wrote.
by Mark Cohen (makeroffilms)
at May 24th, 2006 (06:40 pm)

Title: The darker side of Mark.

Author: Kitty

Characters: Mark, Maureen

Word Count: 1,047

Rating: NC-17

Warnings/Spoilers: sexual content. was dared to write a err smut for this topic lol this is as close I think as I can get. Note this is my first err smuttish type deal lol. Found this comm so decided to share. This is based on a version of mark I RPG as.

Summary: Mark gives Maureen a special anniversary gift.

It had been a year now since Mark and Maureen got back together, and he wanted to do something special for the occasion. He remembered talking one day to maureen about fantasies, and he remembered what she said one of hers was. Mark smiled what better then to do surprise her with something like that. So Mark went shopping, in a place her never ever thought he'd find himself, a sex shop. He stopped at first debating just high tailing it and getting the hell out of there, but made his way through the rows of toys and costumes. He scratched his ear nervously as he went and began looking at the handcuffs and restraints. He finally chose a pair of leather restraints, even grabbing a little leather collar to go with it. He felt strange even touching this stuff yet alone with the intent to buy it. He just hoped Maureen enjoyed it, or even liked it just a little.

He picked up some heated body oil too, the type that got hot when you blew on it or rubbed it into the skin. Friction making it get hotter he blushed as he though of that and then looked around around. He paid for the stuff and headed out god forbid anyone ever catch him in there he'd probably die. He went home everyone was out, it'd be just him and Maureen tonight. He bit his lip he had no idea what he was doing really, he'd just be playing it by ear. He had seen a few pron movies in his younger days though he'd never ever admit that.

Once home he set everything up Maureen would be home in ten or fifteen minutes. He lit candles all around the room and dimmed the lights grabbing his scarf he looked at it as he went and stood by the door to surprise her when she came in. When she did come in the door she expected her usual greeting, he'd meet her at the door and kiss her softly. Instead today she found herself being blindfolded and his voice speaking behind her.

"Leave it on. I have a surprise for you."

He led her to the bedroom slowly undressing her, kissing over her breasts watching her shiver. Hands danced along her inner thighs and brushed up between her legs he laid her back on the bed slowly as he sucked gently at a nipple. His body moved with hers as he let her lay back as he removed his clothing. Moving to press his naked body over hers he pressed down against her grinding his hips hard against her watching her arch and moan beneath him. Slowly he took her hands wrapping his fingers with hers pinning her down then he placed her wrists into the restraints. The smell of the new leather filling the air though they were soft on her skin, lined with black fake fur, it tickled over her skin.

He took out the lotion, rubbing it in his hands as he slowly massaged it into her body letting his hot breath run over it to heat it up. It was the type you could lick so he let his warm wet tongue trace circles around her nipples, she tastes of strawberries due to the lotion. His hands rubbed it in down along her thighs then one hands placed some between her legs rubbing softly watching her moan and squirm. He was enjoying seeing her reaction, hearing the whimpers that were just for him. She writhed beneath him arching up to him trying to press against him desperately trying to press herself around his cock. He held back far away enough she couldn't manage it. He blew hot breath down between her thighs watching as she whimpered, continuing to do do.

Soon Maureen began to whimper and beg out, begging him to end the teasing and to just fuck her. She writhed violently under him, yet he continued teasing. Payback for all the times she teased, she had never thought he was capable of retaliating like this someday. He kept teasing his cock running between her legs to tease rubbing against the lotion heating her up making her scream out as she released. He watched her and smiled he hadn't even had to fuck her yet. She felt good squirming under him he smiled as she continued to beg fighting to get free, fighting to throw him down. This time he had the control he watched her trying to gain the control she so desired. Maureen always like being in charge, but this time it was all him. She cried out begging once more.

He smiled hearing the desperate tone in her voice, hearing the helpless desperation. The want and desire for him no one else but him. He moved his hips and let his cock tease over her softly, it seemed Mark was going to be gentle as usual. Then suddenly his hard cock slammed into her causing her to scream out begging him to fuck her hard. His hips began thrusting hard into her driving his cock deeper into her depths as she writhed wildly under him. He watched her helplessly restrained to the bed as he took her as he wanted. It was her fantasy he was bringing to life, she knew it he could tell as she whimpered out. He fucked her harder then he'd stop and swirl his cock around inside her before pumping into her harder. He leaned down to capture a nipple between his teeth biting and sucking at it hard tugging it between his teeth. He felt her tightening around his cock and he groaned slamming into her harder. She screamed out loud as she came hard breathing hard, panting as he groaned releasing into her he reached for the collar and slipped it around his neck undoing the restraints from her wrist leaving her free. When she removed the blindfold she'd find him naked with nothing but the collar, another of her fantasies simply watching her and what she'd do. He laid back for now he was Maureen's to use and abuse as she saw fit, he was now her toy.